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UPDATED, How to fix the problem - "I am unwilling to leave the world a worse place than I found it" - but Google Maps is having a go!

UPDATED, How to fix the problem -
Google Maps mistake

Cobbler’s Walk airbrushed out by Google Maps error

~~~~~Update 21/4/17~~~~~
We have received several helpful emails on this one from people who have come across the same issue elsewhere. Please see below for what to do to help fix this issue:

Here is a good starting point. Google maps is full of errors of this sort – especially footpaths and waterways.
Get all the membership to open google maps at Cobblers walk, and look at the very bottom right of the window. Just to the left of the scale, you’ll see ‘send feedback’. click here and the error notification system opens up. I believe an error of this sort comes under the ‘other’ classification.
I have used this process to report other errors successfully in the past – get everyone to do it!

Here’s some possible text to use but it might help to paraphrase it:

The path from Sandy Lane all the way to Chestnut Avenue is NOT Nightingale Lane, It is Cobbler’s walk, and always has been.

[Your editor has just done this, it is very simple and it only takes about 60 seconds, please help us try to fix this issue.]
Google maps has mistakenly labelled a large portion of Cobbler’s Walk in Bushy Park as ‘Nightingale Lane’ – see map above or click here to see the mistake on Google Maps.

As you can see the portion of Cobbler’s Walk to the east of Chestnut Avenue, north of Heron Pond and west of Park Road, Hampton Wick has been renamed by Google Maps as Nightingale Lane. This is clearly completely incorrect.

We have lobbied The Royal Parks management to get the mistake rectified but they say they have reported it to Google and don’t know what else can be done.

Timothy Bennet and his story are a large milestone in Hampton Wick’s (and Hampton’s) history. Click here for more information about how Cobbler’s Walk came to be so called at the Twickenham Museum website.

We have been lobbying on this for about a year but so far to no effect. If you work for Google, know anyone who works for Google or might in any way be able to influence them to get this mistake rectified please get in touch with us or with Google directly.

We simply can’t let our history be changed in this manner.

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