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Village Planning - why bother?

Sunday 21st January 2018

Village Planning - why bother?

A number of people have contacted the HWA about the construction of two new porches on the row of old cottages on the High Street, for which it appears no planning permission has been granted. The HWA and others have alerted the council’s Planning Enforcement team to the matter, but nonetheless work has continued. Angled roofs are now being put up, quite at odds with the visual style of this conservation area, leading more than one resident to use the term ‘carbuncles’!

Given the investigation by Planning Enforcement, the only possibilities seem to be that a) no steps have been taken to halt the work b) the builders are carrying on regardless or c) a green light has been given. We have asked for an update but nothing has so far been forthcoming.

At the moment, this seems to be another instance where planning enforcement in the Hampton Wick conservation area is not as one would wish it to be: in recent memory, one could add the failure to address the dereliction to the rear of Priyas (where we gather the residents have been advised to pursue civil action), the Post Office frontage (which was improved but still not in accordance with the submitted plans), and the work at 59-61 High Street to create flats (where the position remains unclear).

This sorry state of affairs leads to frustration and resignation as developers seem to get away with anything they want. It is easy to shrug and say “why bother?”

But in fact we do need to bother and we need to make sure our concerns are heard! In the first instance, we encourage everyone to come along to the Village Planning Question Time event at Teddington School on 1st February.

See you there!

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