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AGM and Wine Tasting Quiz

Sunday 25th March 2018

AGM and Wine Tasting Quiz

The words “great fun” don’t always come to mind when thinking about Annual General Meetings, but the 56th AGM of the Hampton Wick Association held on 22 March 2018 was definitely an exception.

We started with the usual formalities. Treasurer Carol Dukes presented the accounts for the Association and The Friends of Hampton Wick Library. Chairman Mark Merrington gave a comprehensive report on the events, campaigns and news services run by the HWA throughout the year.

Elections were held: Mark Merrington, Fraser Wilson and Carol Dukes were elected Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer respectively and the rest of the committee was voted in en bloc: Nick Baylis, Jenny Bourne, Mark Buckley, Mehi Nabe and Catherine van de Broek. Chris Drayson continues to serve as Honorary President.

With the business of the AGM concluded we moved onto the Fun Wine Tasting & Quiz prepared and compered by Mark Merrington. We crossed continents, taking in South America, New Zealand, Germany and France, tasting some lovely wines, answering quiz questions, identifying wine-related quotations and picking the most apt tasting notes.

The worthy winner was Nick Baylis with Robin Bell a close runner-up.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s AGM!

AGM Wine Quiz

1 “***** Tower” and “**** Nun”: name these “popular” 1970s wines.

2 According to the Wine Institute, and based on 2014 figures, which country in Europe drinks the most wine per capita?

3 Who said/wrote “A true German can’t stand the French, yet willingly he drinks their wines”: a) Adolf Hitler b) Angela Merkel c) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

4 In which countries will you find the following famous wine making areas: a) Marlborough b) Rioja c) Barossa d) Napa Valley e) Breede River Valley f) Mosel

5 Which grape is used to make Chablis?

6 Who said/wrote “Beer is made by men, wine by God”:
a) Ayatollah Khomeini
b) Martin Luther
c) Cardinal Newman

7 Which wine were “The French” said to adore?

8 Which country exports most wine to the UK?

9 Who said/wrote “In victory, you deserve Champagne; in defeat, you need it”:
a) Winston Churchill
b) Charlemagne
c) Napoleon Bonaparte

10 Which two countries are the largest producers of wine in South America?

11 Grape varieties beginning with M – how many can you name?

12 Who said/wrote “The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation – the universe is too full of stars”: a) Plato b) Benjamin Franklin c) Voltaire


1 “Black” and “Blue”
2 Andorra
3 c)
4 a) New Zealand b) Spain c) Australia d) USA e) South Africa f) Germany
5 Chardonnay
6 b)
7 “Le Piat d’Or”
8 Australia
9 c)
10 Chile and Argentina
11 The most well known are probably Malbec, Merlot and Muscat. Montepulciano is also a grape type – but the well known wine of that name is actually made mainly from the Sangiovese grape.
12 b)

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