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Chestnut Sunday 2018

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Chestnut Sunday 2018

This year Chestnut Sunday broke with tradition! The event which draws thousands of people from across London is usually held on the Sunday closest to 11th May which is when the chestnut blossoms are said to be at their finest. This year however it was held one week earlier, on the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend.

The HWA always participates in Chestnut Sunday with a stand and historical display. This is in part because Chestnut Sunday was revived in modern times by one of the HWA’s founders, Colin Pain. Colin’s birthday was on 11th May and he and his wife Mu one year walked down Chestnut Avenue before having a picnic with friends. From this was born the modern Chestnut Sunday which Colin organised for many years before passing it over to the Royal Parks agency.

We were reminded again of the Pain family this year when local resident John Previte discovered an old paper on Hampton Wick by M.M.Pain, Colin’s wife Mu. The paper was written 50 years ago and is illustrated by some rather fine sketches by Colin. You can find a copy of it here.

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