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Telecoms giant blights our village square

Sunday 17th June 2018

Telecoms giant blights our village square

In Hampton Wick we have a tiny communal space in Christmas Square (aka St John’s Place) – the small triangle outside Sigma Sports on the High Street. This is where our Remembrance Sunday procession starts, it is where we hold our annual Christmas Carol Singing and visit from Father Christmas, and it has been the focal point for the HWA’s Hampton Wick Festival. Throughout the year it provides a much needed place where locals can stop and chat, just a little away from the traffic while still in the heart of the village.

For many years we have suffered a completely unused and virtually derelict BT phone box in the middle of our little square, apparently there for no reason but to form part of BT’s advertising real estate and canvas for grafitti. This is in addition to an ugly street cabinet of BT wiring. We have asked repeatedly for the removal of the disused phone box but to no avail.

Last week, with no warning or consultation, BT simply marched in and have now installed an ADDITIONAL and MUCH LARGER street cabinet. They have not made any attempt to remove any of their existing clutter.

For those of us who each year try to fit in the HWA gazebo and hot chestnut stand, a brass band and a Father Christmas grotto around our Christmas tree in our little square this feels like thoughtlessness on the part of BT to the point of aggression against our community.

We have written to our councillors and will also contact Vince Cable MP. Let’s hope they are able to prevail upon BT to act. Perhaps they could at least remove the disused and derelict telephone box to make up for the additional intrusion of the new VERY LARGE street cabinet.

Email the Hampton Wick councillors:
Dylan Baxendale on cllr.d.baxendale@richmond.gov.uk
Robin Brown on cllr.r.brown@richmond.gov.uk
Jim Millard on cllr.j.millard@richmond.gov.uk

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