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Council listens to HWA on parking consultation policy

Thursday 26th July 2018

Council listens to HWA on parking consultation policy

Last November, in the wake of the council’s consultations over Sunday parking in Hampton Wick, the HWA uncovered and publicised the bizarre local policy with regard to parking consultations.

In this borough, unlike any other we could find, a change to parking regulations in any area required over 50% of all households to vote in favour. Not 50% of all respondents to the survey, but 50% of all households!

Given that most people don’t bother responding to council surveys and consultations this policy in practice made any change almost impossible even if the vast majority of actual respondents were in favour.

We felt – and wrote – that this was wrong. You can read the online story here and we also featured this in our recent printed newsletter.

We’re delighted to learn that the council have taken our message to heart. In a press release issued yesterday, Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Cabinet Member for Transport, Street Scene and Air Quality said:

‘The previous CPZ policy required that over 50 per cent of all households in an area had to support a CPZ before the council would act.

‘The big problem with this approach was that it interpreted non-respondents as being against a CPZ’s introduction and so large numbers of non-responsive residents could deny a CPZ to areas of strong need, simply by failing to engage.

‘No longer will the council consider silence as opposition, but neither will it be a signal of consent.

‘We continue to aspire to majority support from the residents within a CPZ scheme, but this is no longer a point of ’dogma’ for the Council and we will now be considering the introduction of CPZs based on levels of support from those participating in the consultation.’

The HWA will take a small bow on this one!

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