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What we do

Click here to read a humorous article explaining what the HWA does.

Click here to read what the HWA does for local businesses.

The Hampton Wick Association is for everyone who lives in, works in or enjoys Hampton Wick.

We are a volunteer-run organisation which seeks to protect and enhance Hampton Wick and the communal life of everyone here.

The HWA was formed in 1962 originally to oppose proposals to build a flyover from Kingston that would have demolished a large section of the village. Since that fight was won, the Association has gone on supporting the local community by maintaining a watch on local issues that may affect our environment, residents or local businesses.

Here’s what we do:

Subscriptions help cover administration costs, insurance and publicity for events and many other costs such as expenses for the children’s presents at Christmas.

Just as importantly the more members we have the stronger our voice, be it when we talk to Richmond Council, the Police or others on behalf of the Wick. We are a small community – we need everybody’s support!