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Hampton Wick & Teddington PLG meeting October 2019

Tuesday 15th October

St Mary's Parish Hall, TW11 9HF


For the meeting to be held at 7.30 on TUESDAY 15th OCTOBER 2019 In the Mina Hogan Room, St Mary’s Church Hall (at the rear of the Landmark Centre), Langham Road, Teddington, TW11 9HF

1 Welcome, apologies and introductions

2 Notes of the meeting of the 21st May 2019

3 Matters arising: Future of Teddington Police Station.

4 Police Matters and Police briefings

5 Matters to be raised by the public

Use of SNB Funds to have PLG Notice boards in Hampton Wick

6 Promises and targets for the next three months (Current targets are ASB (drugs), cyclists without lights and burglary)

7 Date of the next meeting in January to be announced at the meeting

The PLG will conclude at 9.00pm

Hampton Wick & Teddington PLG meeting October 2019