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Gaping hole behind Priya's Londis

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Gaping hole behind Priya's Londis

Photo courtesey Richmond & Twickenham Times

It’s good to see that the Richmond & Twickenham Times has picked up on the concerns of local residents over the gaping hole in the ground behind Priya’s Londis store.

Click here to read the story if you missed it.

We believe the hole in the ground was dug by the developers of the site, presumably to show they had ‘started’ development work and so prevent their planning permission from lapsing.

The HWA and local residents have been urging the authorities to do something about this very unsafe and unsightly hole for more than FIVE LONG YEARS! We even specfically took the Village Planning ‘walkabout’ consultation to see it last year.

What does it take to get something done about this?