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Positive progress with the Parking Consultation

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Positive progress with the Parking Consultation

Hampton WIck CPZ

Following the HWA’s questioning of the council’s approach to the recent CPZ consultation – click here for more – we are pleased to announce that the decision is being reviewed.

The council’s website now states:
Given the number of roads which have shown support for the increased operational hours, some further analysis was carried out to see if an area within the boundary could be formed where support exceeds 50% of households, once purpose-built flats with their own parking, are removed. ‘In favour’ responses received from these properties were also removed. An area comprising the following roads was formed:

School Lane, School Road, Church Grove, Park Road, St John’s Road, Saddlers Mews, High Street.

We welcome this pragmatic understanding that the ‘Kingston shopper effect’ is manifested only in the area close to Kingston Bridge and that this is where additional controls are required on Sundays.

Nonetheless we will continue to raise questions about why our borough uses a “50% of households” rather than “50% of votes” policy to come to these decisions, which seems odd and different to other London boroughs.

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