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Street Name Signs - Great news!

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Street Name Signs - Great news!

You may have noticed that 10 of our local Hampton Wick Street name signs have been renovated. This is great news and follows an 18 month campaign by the HWA for some of our iconic signs to be refurbished and saved.

Lwrted after

We’ve been delighted with the help that Hughie Walsh and his team at the Council have given us along with the support we’ve had from Cllr Jim Millard.

The council very kindly identified a budget which could fund a trial of the10 signs. We now plan to get in touch with residents in those streets with the older traditional signs that haven’t yet been renovated to see if they would like to club together to pay for their own signs to be renovated. The costs should be very reasonable as long as enough residents are interested.

We’ll be discussing the practical details with Hughie and we’ll drop letters through letter boxes when we have the full details. If you are particularly keen to get involved or to become a ‘Champion’ for your street, please email us now – info@hamptonwick.org.uk.

Once again we’d like to say a big thank you to Hughie and his team for making this happen. Also a big thank you to all the Hampton Wick residents who offered to help with this campaign. It was one of the most popular we have ever run.

Below is another example of the renovated signs – before and after.

High Street humps old High Streethumps after

Other signs renovated include some on the following roads: Park Road, Cedars Road (x2), Lower Teddington Road (outside The Swan), Glamorgan Road, Vicarage Road, Old Bridge Street, St Johns Road.

Why not take a walk around the village to see them for yourselves. We did and it was a very pleasant 10 minute stroll. Let us know the route you took: info@hamptonwick.org.uk.