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20 MPH for our High Street - at last!

Wednesday 6th November 2019

20 MPH for our High Street - at last!

The HWA launched its campaign for 20mph on our High Street in November 2008.

We’ve had many obstacles put in our way over the years but finally with support from our local councillors we have been told that this will be implemented when the new 20mph limit is rolled out to zone T7, Hampton Wick Riverside, hopefully some time soon.

According to the LBRuT website, the implementation of the full 20mph rollout may not be complete until August 2020 but we will be pressing councillors to get the limit on the High Street implemented asap.

The 20mph limit should make the High Street a more pleasant environment for shopping and enjoying the many cafes and pubs that we are lucky enough to have in Hampton Wick.

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