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Friendly Parks for All

Sunday 19th January 2020

Friendly Parks for All

Friendly Parks for All – Richmond council’s Parks Team are seeking to understand how blind people or those with visual impairments and their families currently use our parks.

Improvements such as clearer signage, unobstructed pathways and multi-sensory displays will benefit all park visitors, but we are seeking to understand how these can be designed to include blind people or those with visual impairments. A trial project will then be carried out in Kneller Gardens following the consultation, but the consultation is open to sites across the borough.

Read about the consultation and take this opportunity to make your views known.

HWA comments:
The “Council parks” in the Hampton Wick ward are:
1. Broom Road Recreation Ground
2. Kings Field
3. Langdon Park (by which they mean the fenced green open space opposite Broom Road Recreation Ground and next to Normansfield Play Park)
4. Normansfield Play Park
5. School House Lane Orchard

Also, of interest, please do let us know if you have any experience of difficulties (for blind, partially sighted or other) navigating Hampton Wick in general. For example, our Village Square (aka St John’s Place/Christmas Square) seems to heve been designed specifically as an obstacle course – if the defunct phone box or the multiple green comms boxes don’t get you, the broken waste bins or the dead Christmas Tree surely will!

Please let us have your thoughts – info@hamptonwick.org.uk