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Refuse collections - latest update

Sunday 19th April 2020

Refuse collections - latest update

You may have noticed that our refuse and recycling collections have been a bit erratic lately. There are actually two sets of issues at play, unfortunately coming at the same time.

The first is that there is a new contractor: Serco have taken over from Veolia and, as might be expected, there have been one for two initial teething problems. Serco are buying a new fleet of waste lorries which should bring some real improvements. But they haven’t arrived yet and some of the replacement vehicles that were hired in haven’t been 100% reliable. We have been assured that these teething problems are mainly resolved.

The more structural issue is the significant increase in waste being produced with everyone in Coronavirus lockdown. Apparently, LBRuT is running at “Christmas collection levels” every week. Since the end of March, household recycling in the borough has increased from an expected collection of 33 tonnes to almost 47 tonnes This is a result of more of us doing more online shopping plus eating at home; blue and black boxes are regularly overflowing with more card, paper, cans and bottles. The lorries fill up more quickly than usual meaning they have to go to the depot/tip more often and this can mean that the teams simply do not have time to visit all streets as normal.

The council gets a list every day of roads which need to be caught up and there are discussions about how to deal with this if the situation continues. The message is to bear with them – but also to keep reporting any missed collections so that LBRuT knows exactly where the issues are and can check with what Serco have communicated.

Click here for details of how to report missed collections.