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New Hampton Wick history book

Saturday 6th June 2020

New Hampton Wick history book

Two HWA members have collaborated on a new book on Hampton Wick history.

In November 2019, John Previte gave a hugely popular talk in Normansfield Theatre on the history of the Barge Walk. Originally known as the Bargeway, the Barge Walk is the track and towpath between Kingston Bridge and Hampton Court Bridge on the Hampton Wick side of the river.

Such was the interest created by John’s talk that he and Ray Elmitt decided to create a book based on the content of John’s talk plus extra material. The result is now available as a 110-page paperback book which includes over 80 maps and illustrations and costs £7.50.

The book is on sale in Priyas Local and also online at http://hamptonwickhistory.org.uk/the-bargeway-book.html.