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Our very sad, half-dead Christmas tree

Friday 31st July 2020

Our very sad, half-dead Christmas tree

Our half-dead Christmas tree

The question we get asked above all others in Hampton Wick is “What’s the story with the dead Christmas Tree?”

The tree was provided by the council around 10 years ago following a long campaign by the HWA. It was part of a general refurbishment of ‘Christmas Square’ (aka St John’s Place) which included sectioning off part of the roadway and resurfacing the area to create a “village square”, or village triangle as it turns out.

About two years ago the tree suddenly turned brown and died down one side. No-one is sure of the cause although vandalism is suspected.

Since then we have been trying to get the council to replace the tree. Everyone in the council, including our local councillors, agrees that this needs to be done but it seems that both the councillors and the council officials are simply powerless to make it happen.

We almost managed to get the tree replaced at the very last minute before Christmas 2019 but the tree on offer was far too small. It would have looked ridiculous for the community to gather round such a tiny Christmas tree for our annual carol singing!

Snipaste 2020 07 31 17 37 43

The Christmas tree is the central focal point for our village all year round, not just at Christmas. and it’s been dead for two years now.

If we hear any further news we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, we continue to press…