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Serious scammers operating in Hampton Wick

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Serious scammers operating in Hampton Wick

A team of criminals have started operating around the parking meters in Hampton Wick.

A local resident has fallen victim to a scam in Hampton Wick, which the Met Police advise has spread from elsewhere in London.

It works like this: a man asks for assistance with metered parking. He asks you to use your debit card as his won’t work. Somehow he distracts you and you think that the machine has eaten the card. He then calls a “helpline” which suggests that the best way to get the card back is to insert another card. So you end up losing two cards – and the man on the “helpline” tells you to wait where you are and help will come.

While you’re left waiting, your bank contacts you to tell you that large withdrawals have been made on your cards. In this particular instance, the withdrawals were sizeable and made within about 10 minutes of the scam. We are told that the scammers are polite, well dressed and convincing.

Find out more from the Met Police by downloading this PDF Crime Prevention at Parking Meter.

And NEVER give your debit or credit card to ANYONE who is not personally known to you.

Please tell your friends and neighbours about this.