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It's arrived, and in time for Christmas!

Sunday 6th December 2020

It's arrived, and in time for Christmas!

"Very Wick, very 2020"

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of the replacement Christmas tree, just in time for Christmas!

We’ve been lobbying the council for two and a half years for this replacement tree. Work began at the end of September but progress was slow as various different teams from the council had to be involved at different stages.

But here it is! It’s not as tall as the previous one but it will grow, and it can be shaped as it grows.

As local resident (and photographer) David Rees comments: “Glad to see the new tree resplendent in the square – bit of a funny shape but I rather like it. Very Wick, very 2020.”

The HWA will be adding lights to the tree as soon as possible. We have already put up an all time record of 45 Christmas trees along the High Street.

If you would also like one adding to the outside of your property for next year, please get in touch – info@hamptonwick.org.uk.