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Results of 2021 AGM

Monday 5th April 2021

Results of 2021 AGM

Early in 2020 we prepared for the HWA Annual General Meeting as usual. The hall was booked, posters were put up, emails and tweets were sent out, Minutes and Reports were written and photocopied, and we even had a Beer Sampling & Quiz ready.

The AGM was set for the evening of 16th March 2020. Unfortunately, that very afternoon the prime minister announced: “now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others”!

At the time it felt unbelievable that we would again be in lockdown at the same time the following year, and so we decided just to carry over the 2020 business to the 2021 AGM. But … in lock down we are. Therefore we decided that we must hold our AGM online.

An online AGM for 2021
We published the documents on the website (paper copies were available for those without internet access) and set up an online voting form. Publicity through posters, the website, email news and Twitter invited our members to vote by post or online, and to volunteer for the committee. In the event, we received no nominations for committee members so there was no vote on the committee.

Voting closed on 22nd March 2021. 40 HWA members voted (20 required for quorum).

The results were:

1. HWA 2019 AGM Minutes
Approved: 37 votes (92.5%)
Opposed: 0
Abstained: 3 (7.5%)

2. Treasurer’s Report for 2019
Approved: 39 votes (97.5%)
Opposed: 0
Abstained: 1 (2.5%)

3. Treasurer’s Report for 2020
Approved: 38 votes (95%)
Opposed: 0
Abstained: 2 (5%)

We think the online 2021 AGM was a successful and efficient response to the pandemic situation. However, we all hope that next year we will be able get together in the newly refurbished Bullen Hall to meet each other, discuss local issues and have some fun – a Cheese Quiz perhaps?