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Planning application for Showprint site

Friday 23rd April 2021

Planning application  for Showprint site

From last November to March there have been 56 applications for a Planning Consent – similar to the same period last year. The principal difference is that nearly all recent applications have related to domestic – rather than commercial – projects, such as extensions or the insertion of dormer windows.

Quart in a pint pot
One notable exception is the proposed mixed-use development of the ShowPrint shop and Laser Clinic at 29 and 31 High Street and the area behind. The scheme consists of Class E use (retail units, work studios etc.) at Ground Floor, with 8 flats/maisonettes above. It is well thought out and carefully designed, if somewhat a ‘quart in a pint pot’.

Its density means that compromises have been made, such as limiting the windows (and views) on the side with the neighbours, lack of privacy and the loss of two parking spaces. We are going to formally comment on the proposals, but what do you think? Take a look at the Planning Portal (bit.ly/hwa2021-1) and let us have your views.

Pressure on street parking
You cannot fail to notice the rapid progress of the new flats in Church Grove, alongside Heron House – and not just because of the destruction of the paving caused by site vehicles and the lack of protection. The massing is, from the front, similar to Heron House. This site received a consent in July 2018 with a scheme including nine underground parking spaces, and was then sold for £1,120,000 the following October. There was then a new application for a similar building but without the underground parking.

We objected to the new proposals, principally because of the loss of parking and the pressure this would put on street parking, but a consent was granted in March 2020. The site was then sold for £2,000,000 in September – an uplift of £880,000 (79%). We believe that new residential projects should, wherever possible, provide on-site parking. Parking outside parking permit hours is very difficult in our area, and causes much frustration and bad feeling.

Blend in with the streetscape
The building sites around Hampton Wick have continued at varying paces during the pandemic. The new Mulberry Court in Station Road (34 apartments on the site of the former Orione House) has rapidly appeared. A year ago it was a demolition site. The new slate roofs blend in with the streetscape, even if very close to the neighbours, and the works seem to have caused little local disruption for a project of this size.

Rural Hampton Wick?
I’d hoped to show ‘before/after’ images of the new apartments at 42 and 42A High Street, but the buildings are still only at the stage of having built new external walls in London Stock brickwork.

Meadway, the contractors, are also developing the Liongate Hotel site at the south entrance to Bushy Park, started in March 2016 and still being completed. The High Street development is called Wolsey Mews, and I looked at the marketing pitch to see how it would look, but had difficulty as the images looked more like a building in King’s Field than in the High Street. A seemingly rural Hampton Wick!

Pop-up art exhibition
Whilst not a building project it has been good to see a pop-up art exhibition ‘Rupture XIBIT’ at 55 High Street. Empty shops do nothing for a street and the changing of the exhibits is enriching, and illuminating the display after 5.30 adds to this. We welcome such initiatives. www.katehowe.com/rupture.

Nick Baylis
Planning, HWA Committee
Comments to: info@hamptonwick.org.uk