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Reduced train services? SWR train timetable consultation

Tuesday 24th August 2021

Reduced train services? SWR train timetable consultation

You may have read about SWR’s controversial consultation relating to train services. The Council has already voiced its opposition to what appear to be systematic cuts to train services across the borough. Have your say by accessing the consultation here: December 2022 Timetable Consultation | South Western Railway

The consultation document is less than clear. Our reading is that the proposal for Hampton Wick is that the current service of two trains from Shepperton to London and two trains Strawberry Hill loop trains via Kingston is being maintained. The cuts are to the two extra loop trains per hour that used to run pre-pandemic during peak hours – which amounts to a 50% cut to that particular service during peak hours. The other change is that Shepperton trains are going to continue not to stop at Earlsfield, as has been the case for some while now.