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We've won a re-think on KBH - but we need to keep the pressure on.

Sunday 13th February 2022

We've won a re-think on KBH - but we need to keep the pressure on.

Last September, the HWA launched a strong objection to the proposals for the redevelopment of Kingston Bridge House, by Kingston Bridge. More than 40 objections were lodged by local people, showing the strength of feeling about this prominent and important site.

The developers have been forced to re-think, and there is now an opportunity to drop in to a “Community Engagement Surgery” run by the developers to discuss their revised plans.

These new plans have not yet been published and we have no idea whether or to what extent they have been changed in the light of public and expert opinion. We encourage everyone to drop by the Warehouse on Thursday 24th February between 4pm and 7pm to find out more and share your views. KBH Feb 24 consultation letter

Click to read the background

In addition to the design issues relating to the proposal, the HWA also expressed concern that there had been inadequate consultation by the developers. An exhibition and public opportunity to question the developers would be normal for a proposal of this scale.

The scheme has now been referred to the Design Review Panel which is “an independent body composed of architects, urban designers, engineers, and other design related professionals with a local interest and recognised expertise in their field”.

The Design Review Panel has raised many concerns and questions about the proposal including:

“The existing building is already significantly taller than the surrounding buildings. As this feels already at odds with the lower scale of the High Street, and river and landscape setting, we do not see increasing the height further as beneficial”

Other concerns included design, sustainability and landscaping issues, impact of views from the river and the park, quality of build and of finishes (cladding again!). Click here for the KBH Design Panel Report – the report is concise and in plain English and it’s well worth a read.

In its conclusion, the Design Panel states that “The building is exceptionally prominent from all directions including front-facing views from Kingston Bridge, and we think this represents a unique opportunity to design an exceptional re-model. The building should become demonstrably improved in massing, appearance and architectural expression, thus fit better within its sensitive historic context.”

In other words – back to the drawing board!

The developers, through their planning agents Progress Planning, are at least going to hold a planning surgery to show us their new proposals and to invite feedback. We strongly urge everyone to drop by so that you can examine their new plans, ask questions etc. It is important that we demonstrate how many of us feel strongly that this important site deserves a building that is worthy of its location, sensitive to its community and enjoyable to live in. Please try to attend:

Thursday 24th February
The Warehouse (behind St John’s Church) Church Grove, Hampton Wick, KT1 4AL
Drop in any time between 4pm and 7pm.

KBH Feb 24 consultation letter