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HWA Library Gardening Gang - February 2024

Monday 12th February 2024

HWA Library Gardening Gang - February 2024

The HWA Library Gardening Gang held its first work party of the year on Sunday 4th February.

The group usually meets each month around the end/beginning of each month (except Christmas/New Year). However, our previous session had been cancelled due to rain – the first time that has happened in eight years of improving and maintaining the gardens!

On this occasion, not only did we clear up all the autumn leaves but also managed to tidy up of our lovely collection of plants and shrubs.

Margaret deserves a particular shout out for collecting all the deposited bottles, cans and other litter strewn around the outside of the Library and Bullen Hall (pictured in the wheelbarrow).

Gg 2

Why, oh why do certain dog owners go to the trouble to clear up after their dogs and then throw the bags in the borders and hedgerows?