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HWA Lead Magazine Distributor needed

Wednesday 6th March 2024

HWA Lead Magazine Distributor needed

Each year the HWA produces two or three issues of the Hampton Wick Association Magazine. The Magazine includes information about local planning, events and wildlife together with a wide variety of features of interest to Hampton Wick. It also provides a great opportunity for local businesses to advertise their offerings.

We have a great team of volunteers, who hand-deliver the Magazine to their own local areas ensuring that every home and business in Hampton Wick receives a copy. We now need someone to volunteer for the role of Lead Distributor:

  • Take delivery up to 2,000 magazines from the printer, typically in 10 to 15 (reasonably heavy) cartons/boxes. You would need to be able to receive delivery of these in person as a signature is required and the cartons cannot be left outside.
  • Prepare the correct number of magazines for each distribution round.
  • Liaise with approximately nine distribution volunteers to get the magazines for their “round” to them. This is by either delivering to them or arranging for them to collect from you, according to their preference. A covered porch or other ‘safe place’ is ideal for leaving magazines out for collection.
  • Collecting back any leftover magazines for use at future events, for new members etc.
  • Dealing with any issues raised (e.g. new developments needing extra copies, inaccessible blocks, etc)
  • Reporting back on completion.

The HWA Magazine is typically produced in the spring, summer and autumn each year and our latest edition is expected from the printers in the next few days – so if you could start immediately that would be great! If not, but you are interested in helping out in the future, please do get in touch.

Contact info@hamptonwick.org.uk