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Hampton Wick Association 2024 AGM

Monday 11th March 2024

Hampton Wick Association 2024 AGM

Outgoing Chair, Mark Merrington addresses the Hampton Wick Association 2024 AGM

The Association’s Annual General Meeting this year was notable for our farewell to Mark Merrington as Chair and the appointment of Fraser Wilson as our new Chair. It wa also a most enjoyable evening, rounded off by the Unusual Wine Tasting & Quiz.

Click here to see photo gallery of HWA 2024 AGM.

We met at Bullen Hall on Wednesday 6th March, with a very good turnout of 36, including all three of our local councillors.

The business of the AGM began with the approval of the Minutes of the 2023 AGM. Mark Merrington then gave his report on the activities of the year and this was followed by Carol Dukes giving her Treasurer’s Report. She noted that while the Association remains in good financial health, it had nonetheless suffered a deficit in the year which was largely due to the increased cost of the Christmas lights in the High Street.

The officers were elected: Fraser Wilson (Chair), Mark Merrington (Vice Chair), Mark Buckley (Secretary), Carol Dukes (Treasurer). The meeting then approved the motion to vote en bloc for the committee and then duly elected returning members: Nick Baylis, Jenny Bourne, Catherine van der Broek and new members: Annie Murray, Margaret O’Connor, Dave Rees and Liz Tapp.

During Any Other Business, members raised issues including the sorry state of the village Christmas tree and the importance of links with other local amenity groups.

Cllr Jim Millard thanked Mark Merrington for his time serving as Chair, and the committee of the HWA for running such a vibrant residents’ group which acts as a focal point for the community.

Carol Dukes, speaking on behalf of the membership and committee of the HWA, then thanked Mark Merrington for his immense contribution as Chair for the past 11 years. She noted that we are all grateful not just for Mark’s work but for that of his family who have provided such active support and involvement in all HWA activities. Finally, she presented Mark with a framed Black Lifetime HWA Membership card – only the fourth time such a card has been issued during the history of the HWA.

We then enjoyed the intriguing “Unusual Wine Tasting & Quiz” which Mark Merrington had prepared for us.

The draft minutes of the HWA 2024 AGM (including Chairman’s report and the Treasurer’s finanacial report) will be published on this website when they are ready.