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HWA launches Discover Hampton Wick Campaign with a Treasure Hunt

Saturday 8th June 2024

HWA launches Discover Hampton Wick Campaign with a Treasure Hunt

The Hampton Wick Association announces the launch of its new DISCOVER HAMPTON WICK campaign.

DISCOVER HAMPTON WICK is the umbrella for a number of events and initiatives to encourage people to explore Hampton Wick’s varied amenities, businesses, history and culture.

The first DISCOVER HAMPTON WICK event will be the HWA DISCOVER HAMPTON WICK Treasure Hunt on Saturday 13th July. Everyone is invited to enter a team for what has been described as “a family-friendly pub quiz on legs” with cash prizes for the teams that solve the most clues, riddles and challenges as they visit various locations around Hampton Wick.

Click here for more details about the Treasure Hunt.

Further events are planned, including an exhibition at Hampton Wick Library displaying photos of the High Street shops from over 50 years ago next to their modern-day reincarnations. The DISCOVER HAMPTON WICK Past & Present Exhibition will be part of the council’s ‘Know Your Place’ festival in September. More details nearer the time at www.hamptonwick.org.uk.

The Hampton Wick Association will also be running an information campaign to highlight local businesses, clubs, activities and interesting places and facts in and around Hampton Wick. Look out for news on poster sites, the website, email news and Twitter/X.


Fraser Wilson, chair of the Hampton Wick Association comments: “The aim of our DISCOVER HAMPTON WICK campaign is to help local residents learn more about Hampton Wick and all it has to offer. The Treasure Hunt will get the campaign off to a great start and we’re all looking forward to a fun and memorable day in the Wick on 13th July.”